Tea Tree, Peppermint and Carrot Seed Oil blended in grapesxeed oil soothes hot, tired and achey feet.  Great if you stand up much of the day or walk a lot.  Can be rubbed straight in to feet or used in a foot soak or with overnight socks.


Tea Tree - great for athlete's foot, burns, blisters, veruccae and warts.

Perppermint - great for easing aches and pains, cramp, deodorant.

CXarrot Seed oil - skin conditions, removes toxins, srthritic pain, gout, swelling.

Achey Foot Soother

  • Use in foot spas, as a massage oil, in compresses with hot or cold compress.

    Store according to advice given on Aromatherapy Blends page, out of direct sunlight or heat.