This beautifully scented spray is designed for body, linens or meditation and other spiritual rituals.  Containing only natural ingredients of distilled water, natural alcohol and a nblend of seven essential oils.  balances chakra energies from root to crown.

Patchouli - The Root Chakra - grounding and balancing.

Ylang Ylang - The Sacral Chakra - balances sexual energy.

Cinnamon - The Solar Plexus Chakra - for power and increaded confidence.

Rose - The Heart Chakra - love for self and others, depression and insomnia.

Eucalyptus - The Throat Chakra - for self expression.

Lavender - The Third Eye Chakra - for a calm and active mind.

Frankincense - The Crown Chakra - for mental peace and clarity.

Chakra Balancing Spray