Our best selling ligament oil offers relief for all types of aches, pains and problems with connective tissues. Rub directly on, use in baths and compresses to treat muscle stiffness, injury, arthritis, damages cartilage and ligaments. With marjoram, birch, peppermint and vetiver.
*this is a potent blend and should be used with caution. Check with your GP if you have any allergies or are taking any medication *


Marjoram aids arthirtis, lumbago, muscular aches and pains, stiffness, rheumatism, sprains & strains.

Sweet Birch is analgesic, anti -inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti septic and astringent.

Peppermint helps neuralgia, muscular pain and palpitations.

Vetiver soothes arthritic pain, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, sparins and stiffness.  Deeply relaxing oil.

Shen Zen Ligament Oil

  • All Shen Zen products are handmade to order using 100% natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.  No additives, sulphates or parabens used and most of our products are vegan friendly.  Please note that packaging may vary slightly from the pictures.


    Shen Zen Holistics recommends professional medical advice for all ailments and does not endorse its products as a replacement for medication.  Please consult a medical professional before using any holistic therapy.  Shen Zen Holistics does not accept any responsibility for any occurrences after use or purchase of any product.  Purchase of our products is in line with agreement to these terms and conditions.


    All products are for external use only, avoid getting in eyes and keep away from children. 

    Please store your aromatherapy blends in a cool, dark place and not in sunlight as this can degrade the oils and ruin your blend.